Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A new italian User's group is born: welcome to the Trento RUG!

With Daniele and Emanuele, I started  a new R User Group in Trentino, north of Italy.
We have been thinking to open a RUG for a while: after giving it some thoughts we just started it with the hope to collect a lot of users to share knowledge and experience.

In the area were we live there are one University and two big private Research Centers with lots of new start-ups: we believe that a wide user base is potentially present in the Trento area. In fact in just two days (*bang!*) our RUG has already registered ten useRs!

So, if you are a useR and live near us,  just jump on board and register to
Our first meetup will be on Tue, May 31th just to get in touch and start together this adventure.